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Why we manufacture the best natural skin care products

Skin care products keep changing every year with what was supposed to last year‰’s hottest product already forgotten this year because of many other promising new products flooding the market. There are of course tried and proven products some women swear by although the latest trend is for most women to try what they consider the best natural skin care products, which being natural is much kinder to skin than those made with various harsh chemicals.

Seeds on a Female Jojoba Bush Jojoba oil is ea... (more…)

Natural skincare and lifestyle is all the rage…yet it used to be all there ever was!

In centuries past we know from written records that still exist that women took natural plant based products and organically grown seeds and oil and made them in to vitamin rich, skincare and hair care products which were naturally high in anti-oxidants and naturally healing. With this intention, they provided themselves with clean, clear and healthy skin, perfect teeth and gums, and glossy, healthy beautiful hair. Naturally sourced skincare for ALL the family! They did not put chemical rich toothpastes in to their mouths, oil stripping chemicals on their hair, and skin clogging mineral oil on to their skin!

Coconut Oil Natures Own Elixir!

large_1_20110613_121003_Organic-Virgin-Coconut-Butter-OEVCCoconut Oil  aids weight loss, can prevent heart disease, strengthens the immune system and does wonders for the skin and hair.

Those clever people from  Thailand, India, South and central America and Pacific Islands know all about how truly wonderful Coconut oil is.

Having used it for many many centuries, there is not much you could tell  the people of those countries that they do not already know.


Five Reasons why Fluoride Free Toothpaste may be better for you

Recently carried out research has come to the worrying conclusion that fluoride could be dangerous for us. But how can this be when all our lives we‰Ûªve only heard that fluoride is a necessary substance in our bodies. That was then, and with the great strides made in science research, it has now been conclusively established that the use of fluoride in anything is counter productive and sometimes downright dangerous resulting in most toothpaste manufacturers now resorting to fluoride free toothpaste as a measure of safety.


Steps To Help Your Insomnia

Main health effects of Insomnia

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Insomnia is a whole lot more than your body telling you that you have had enough sleep. Actually, insomnia is your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong. Insomnia is different in each person, some just can not fall asleep, others wake in the middle of the night and are unable to fall back asleep, and some just wake up much too early. There can be various reasons, perhaps you are drinking too much caffeine, maybe you suffer from anxiety and depression, maybe you have some conflict or inner struggle in your life, or maybe you are in pain from some physical complaint.



How Fish Oil Can Cure Inflammation

Inflammation occurs as our body’s natural protective response to fend off any outside aggressors and to begin the process of healing. Its effect on our tissues usually involves pain, heat and redness. However, there are some cases that this outward effect is not visible.


Five Reasons Why Anousta Face Cleanser Is The Best Cleanser For Oily Skin

What are qualities you should look for, when considering the best cleanser for oily skin? If you are like most people who suffer from excessive oil production on your face, you need to keep your skin clean, moist and healthy, without clogging your pores or causing more natural oil production to occur. Stripping natural oils can cause a vicious cycle of over-production, as the body‰Ûªs natural cycle works to provide hydration. Anousta face cleanser works in synchrony with your skin‰Ûªs natural production cycles. There are five reasons why Anousta face cleanser is the best cleanser for oily skin:

Do Natural Hair Products Really Work?

Natural hair products can clean your hair, without stripping natural oils and hair loss can be greatly reduced. They may contain omega-three fatty acids and oils, which provide soft, shiny hair. Essential oils of lavender and geranium can restore your hair‰Ûªs natural balance, but they can also eliminate frizzy hair, while damaged hair can be repaired. Synthetic ingredients damage hair and strip natural oils your scalp produces, but natural ingredients provide healthy moisturizing and you can see positive changes, within 4 hair washings.

Stylish Soaps are Just Perfect for Summer

Stylish SoapsThis summer, naturally glowing skin is in. Nothing gets more stylish than getting outdoors and allowing your skin soak in a healthy dose of summer glow. When the latest trend is all about summer dresses, shorts and sleeveless and light ensemble, getting your skin ready for summer heat and fun is possible by Anousta all natural soap.
Whatever is summertime without your share of time on the beach? Other than putting on a hat, and a pair of sunglasses, you also need to be using the right skincare products to keep your skin free from the harshness of the dry heat and sunlight.


I Want Shining, Vibrant Hair For The Summer…Which Natural Products Should I Use?

shining vibrant hairUsing natural products on your hair can be the best way to get shining, vibrant hair for the summer. The best products to use contain natural ingredients for cleansing your hair, without stripping natural oils. It’s important to find conditioners that don’t weigh your hair down with chemicals, which leave it feeling sticky, accumulating dirt and pollutants. Are you faced with the dilemma- “I want shining, vibrant hair….what natural products should I use?”

Omega-3 is an important essential fatty acid for healthy, shiny and vibrant hair, found in oily fish and fish oil capsules. Omega-3 fatty acids provide anti-inflammatory protection for vital organs, joint flexibility, better mood, concentration and heart health. The daily recommended doses are 3000mg, for your hair to become shining and vibrant. Omega-3 fatty acids can be taken in doses of 3-5000 mg per day to see optimum results, but taking natural, high-quality fish oil capsules shows the quickest results. Vitamin E is considered another essential vitamin for hair health.


Maintaining Healthy Gums

Maintaining Healthy GumsYour gums are practically cesspools for bacteria. It is extremely easy for your gums to be prone to diseases that are quite unpleasant. These gum disease affect up to 80% of people, according to the Mayo Clinic’s website. Imagine that many people, each ignoring their gums and reaping the consequences in the form of strange and horrible problems. This is an issue that can, and does lead to tooth loss. Dentists say that gum disease also leads to more serious health conditions, as it creates a pathway for viruses and bacteria to enter the body directly through the area that gets the most traffic – the mouth.


5 Reasons Why You Should Use Natural Skin Care Products

MoisturisersNatural skin care incorporates products that are ecologically-friendly and free of toxic ingredients, making them better for your skin. There are pros and cons to naturally-produced products, but advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. By definition, no parabens, petro chemicals, lanolin and artificial ingredients are added. Refined and de-natured or chemically-extracted plant oils, animal-derived ingredients and chemical UV filters are not used, (except for beeswax). Regardless of skin type, there are benefits to consider. Natural skin care products provide healthy skin, through the use of naturally-cleansing and moisturizing botanicals, herbs and oils. They are known to provide maximum antioxidant and healing properties, besides UV protection. It‰’s possible to combine vegetarian or vegan ingredients and end up with a top-quality product, which results in beautiful skin.

What are the 5 reasons why you should use natural skin care products?

  • Fresher, cleaner and healthier skin results from the use of safe ingredients. Chemical additives and preservatives can cause pores to become clogged or sensitive skin to develop rashes, creating an unhealthy appearance. Since ancient times, naturally-produced skin care ingredients were used to keep moisture locked in, while blocking out harmful UV rays. Pollutant-free oils and organic ingredients improve the health of the planet, while providing younger-looking skin.
  • Since your skin is the body‰’s first defense system against attacks from harmful parasites or bacteria, what you put on it should be safe and natural. The pores of the skin absorb everything in the atmosphere and become part of your cell structure. Safe and natural products should be used to avoid harmful toxins and chemicals, which cause allergic conditions or harmful health effects.
  • Your skin‰’s cell structure and regeneration process will be greatly enhanced through the use of natural skin care products, producing younger-looking skin. It isn‰’t necessary to purchase anti-aging products, if you take good care of your skin. Using raw, natural products produces beautiful skin and makes you look younger.
  • Eliminate rashes, acne and skin disorders, by using products that only include natural ingredients. Chemical additives can cause allergic reactions, even in people without sensitive skin. Women with sensitive skin are aware of the unsightly sores and rashes, which result from chemical-based products. With natural skin care products, you experience fewer breakouts and side effects are minimized.
  • Prices are affordable, although manufacturers may pay twice as much for their ingredients, such as organic olive oil from Spain or mineral-rich Sea salt from France. These products are more affordable than most expensive department store options. Healthy long-term benefits should be considered, when selecting natural skin care products, regardless of price.

Disadvantages: There are few disadvantages to consider, although you may pay a bit more for organically-produced skin products. Availability of these high-quality ingredients could mean limited availability. Conclusion: Natural skin care products offer obvious advantages, with several reasons to incorporate them into your skin care routine. They are better for the planet, besides providing you with a beautiful and youthful glow.

Why Should I Use A Toner As Part Of My Face Cleansing Regime?

Using a toner as part of your face cleansing regime can firm and tighten the appearance of large pores.
More importantly-it can constrict the pores, which prevents the formation of blackheads or whiteheads.
These unsightly blemishes can be prevented, since they are caused by open pores that catch contaminants from the environment. A natural toner is produced by Anousta. Pure Rose Otto Toner is refreshing and the smell is ‰”Ïutterly divine‰”!

Drinking Water and the EU

Drinking Water and the EU

EU officials concluded that, following a three-year investigation, there was no evidence to prove the previously undisputed fact that water stops dehydration.

How mad are these nutters?

Producers of bottled water are now forbidden by law from making the claim and will face a two-year jail sentence if they defy the edict, which comes into force in the UK next month.


Why Should I Use Zambroza As Part Of My Daily Health Regime?

Zambroza is a powerful antioxidant drink offered by Anousta Products, to help you build your immune system. It is a fruity drink, which is flavorful and high in natural antioxidants. It‰’s delicious and provides powerful anti-aging benefits, besides helping your body fight off the free radicals that attack it, everyday.

This can relieve all kinds of inflammatory conditions. Mangosteen You just have to drink a small shot-glassful in the morning and again, in the evening, which is the equivalent of 30ml, every other day.

One bottle lasts a month, but you can‰’t take it all at one time and hope to be cured! Zambroza is a longer-term solution to increase your energy and reduce inflammation, while boosting your immune system. It helps to fight off colds and flu, but it has been proven to offer relief from other painful ailments related to inflammation, including fibromyalgia or arthritis.


Eczema in Children

Eczema in ChildrenWhen a skin rash cannot be blamed on Poison Ivy or Chicken Pox, the culprit  may well be Eczema. In this condition, the skin turns red, itchy, sometimes scaly and can get infected. Dermatitis is the another name for Eczema. Dermatitis actually means inflammation of the skin and the skin turns pink and sore. Eczema is a common child problem but can strike at any age.


Five Reasons Why a Simple Skin Care Regime May Be Better For You

Most women have perfected their own skin care regime and prefer not to deviate from whatever they have worked out and been doing for a long time. This may be due to their needing special care because of sensitive skin or because they are allergic to certain products, which make them wary of using products that they are not sure of. Busy lifestyles and stress make it imperative for every woman to have a simple skin care routine that is reasonably priced, and doesn’t too much time .

As part of skin care regime Jojoba oil is often used

Seeds on a Female Jojoba Bush Jojoba oil is easily refined to be odorless, colorless and oxidatively stable, and is often used in cosmetics as a moisturizer and as a carrier oil for specialty fragrances. It also has potential use as both a biodiesel fuel for cars and trucks, as well as a biodegradable lubricant. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although every woman would love to have a healthy glowing skin that looks youthful and radiant, most women tend to think that this is not possible. The reason is because they don‰’t have the time to spend on long drawn routines everyday and night in order to achieve that type of skin. But it is possible, and it‰’s not necessary to go far to achieve this, because 5 simple skin care guidelines can help you to get the supple glowing skin you always wanted.
1.  Moisturize your skin regularly, especially if you tend to have dry skin and drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to keep you skin well hydrated and have a good night‰’s sleep of at least 7-8 hours

2. Clean you skin twice a day in the morning and just before going to bed. Always use natural skin care products suitable for your skin and keep away from artificial creams and lotions that contain chemicals which can damage your skin in the long term.

3 Try to avoid being in the sun for too long. If you have to, make sure you apply a sunscreen with high SPF to protect the skin from the burning rays of the sun.

4.  Reduce your consumption of alcohol and caffeine containing products and eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables which are good for your skin.

5. Steam your face at least once a week to unclog pores and get rid of the oil and dirt that makes your skin look dull and lifeless.

This type of simple skin care regime can be carried out by everyone without having to pay exorbitant sums of money to beauty salons or by paying for expensive creams and lotions that might give you temporary results but create more damage than you know in the long term. One more thing to remember is the mind set of most people who believe that natural products are not as effective as synthetic products while others prefer to use concoctions they prepare at home. While home made products may not be harmful, it’s worthwhile keeping in mind that when preparing natural skin care products, manufacturers have gone to a lot of trouble to do research and come up with special formulas to produce the best skin care products possible which are far more effective and safer than anything made at home. By using these and following a simple skin care routine, you too can have a radiant skin before long.

Discover the Secrets of How To

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This ‰”Discover the Secrets of how to‰” E-book was written by Linda Anousta, reflects her personal opinions and is based on over 12 years of practical experience working with clients both in her shop and online. Linda is a former Nursing Sister in the NHS and has also worked for a consultant Dermatologist in Harley Street in London. She started her own business towards the end of the 1990s, from her home and simply funded with a credit card and a burning desire that ‰”there has to be a better way‰”Linda says ‰”don‰’t blame your age, your hormones, or your genes etc etc‰” but really believe that great changes can be made.

Do feel free to contact Linda with any questions that you may have but I hope that you find this short book to be enjoyable, challenging and ultimately rewarding. Linda Anousta

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