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Why we manufacture the best natural skin care products

Skin care products keep changing every year with what was supposed to last year‰’s hottest product already forgotten this year because of many other promising new products flooding the market. There are of course tried and proven products some women swear by although the latest trend is for most women to try what they consider the best natural skin care products, which being natural is much kinder to skin than those made with various harsh chemicals.

Seeds on a Female Jojoba Bush Jojoba oil is ea... (more…)

Coconut Oil Natures Own Elixir!

large_1_20110613_121003_Organic-Virgin-Coconut-Butter-OEVCCoconut Oil  aids weight loss, can prevent heart disease, strengthens the immune system and does wonders for the skin and hair.

Those clever people from  Thailand, India, South and central America and Pacific Islands know all about how truly wonderful Coconut oil is.

Having used it for many many centuries, there is not much you could tell  the people of those countries that they do not already know.


Five Reasons why Fluoride Free Toothpaste may be better for you

Recently carried out research has come to the worrying conclusion that fluoride could be dangerous for us. But how can this be when all our lives we‰Ûªve only heard that fluoride is a necessary substance in our bodies. That was then, and with the great strides made in science research, it has now been conclusively established that the use of fluoride in anything is counter productive and sometimes downright dangerous resulting in most toothpaste manufacturers now resorting to fluoride free toothpaste as a measure of safety.


Steps To Help Your Insomnia

Main health effects of Insomnia

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Insomnia is a whole lot more than your body telling you that you have had enough sleep. Actually, insomnia is your body’s way of letting you know that something is wrong. Insomnia is different in each person, some just can not fall asleep, others wake in the middle of the night and are unable to fall back asleep, and some just wake up much too early. There can be various reasons, perhaps you are drinking too much caffeine, maybe you suffer from anxiety and depression, maybe you have some conflict or inner struggle in your life, or maybe you are in pain from some physical complaint.



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