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This flagship fish oil offers an easy way to boost your diet with omega 3 essential fatty acids. We are always being told to eat more fish and these capsules make it easy to get the benefits of pure fish oil every day. EPA and DHA are the main omega 3 oils found in oily fish, and over the last 3 decades an array of published studies have shown how important they are for our overall health. EPA and DHA supports the normal function of the heart and DHA supports the eyes and the brain. The beneficial effect from these oils is obtained with a daily intake, combined,  of at least 250mg of DHA and EPA. These fish oil capsules are also safe for pregnant /breast feeding mothers as they contain no vitamin A.

  • Pure, premium quality fish oil scrupulously screened for PCB’s and other pollutants.
  • Ethically sourced from one of the cleanest and most bio-diverse seas.
  • Naturally provides carotenoids and tocopherols lost in refined oils.
  • Obtained from wild sardines and anchovies which are among the smallest and cleanest fish.
  • Each capsule contains 1000mg of Fish Oil, providing 180mg EPA and 120mg DHA, contributing to normal heart function.
  • Beneficial effect is obtained with a combined daily intake of at least 250mg of DHA and EPA.
  • Safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding as does not contain Vitamin A.

When buying fish oils it is important to ensure that the fish  used is uncontaminated. We guarantee that our fish oils are free from pollutants such as PCBs, each batch is screened and tested. Our fish oil is from sardines and anchovies, small oily fish near the bottom of the food chain which feed on plankton unlike large predatory oily fish like tuna and swordfish. The gentle purification process also ensures that the goodness of the fish oil is retained and that the valuable fatty acids are not damaged. We add just enough natural vitamin E to the oil to protect it from damaging oxidation. We only source products that meet our criteria for sustainability and we are not convinced that krill oil is sustainable.

One capsule typically provides

1000mg Fish oil, providing 180mg EPA, 120mg DHA.

Encapsulated with these natural ingredients

Capsule shell: gelatine (from bovine source), glycerine, antioxidant:d-alpha tocopherol. (Vitamin E)

Suggested intake

Take 1-3 capsules a day, with meals.


P.S  I notice i need to take this product for up to 3 months before i really feel a difference in my joints and see improved hair Manageability.

Linda Anousta

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