OptiBac Probiotics For your cholesterol




Probiotics For your cholesterol

OptiBac Probiotics For your cholesterol is a natural supplement containing two carefully selected, high quality ingredients: ‘AB-Life®’ live cultures and omega 3 to help maintain normal cholesterol levels.

The extensively researched, live culture strains Lactobacillus plantarum CECT 7527, CECT 7528 & CECT 7529 are clinically proven to survive stomach acidity and bile salts to reach the gut alive.

The omega 3 is Alpha-linolenic acid from cold-pressed, virgin flaxseed oil.

For your cholesterol provides 1.2 billion live cultures per hard capsule and 300mg of Alpha-linolenic acid (omega 3) per soft capsule.

The product is entirely free from sugars and flavourings that may be found in drinks and foods for cholesterol lowering.

Take For your cholesterol to help maintain normal cholesterol levels. For best results take for at least three months. The supplement is safe for long term use.

Pack Size & RRP  30 hard capsules + 30 soft capsules (one of each a day)

Free from dairy, gluten and yeast.

OptiBac Probiotics guarantees 1.2 billion live bacteria per capsule until the best before date.

No refrigeration necessary.

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Hi Linda,

I came into the shop last Saturday and bought some ‘one week flat’ probiotics after you recommended them for bloating.
I began to notice an improvement after about 3 or 4 days and at the end of the course I’m pleased to say I don’t feel bloated any more, such a relief!
I’d be very happy to recommend them to others with the same problem and will keep a packet in reserve in case I need them again in the future.

Thanks for your help and advice, much appreciated.

Best wishes,

Irene Probiotics 19th May 2017

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