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Coconut oil is good for your health and your hair, scalp and skin.

Coconut oil controls dandruff, soothes itchy dry scalps, gives a luxurious shine to the hair.
Many people tell us their scalp is itchy or rough or they suffer with Eczema or Psoriasis.We suggest they use the LOVE Anousta unscented Shampoo as it is very gentle followed by the LOVE ANOUSTA Hair conditioner.
We have seen the results and they are impressive!
We receive many emails and testimonials from customers who have seen the benefits for themselves.

Our  LOVE ANOUSTA  environmentally friendly Hair Conditioner is a little different from most commercial hair conditioners in that it does not coat the hair shaft with silicone giving you that slippy feel.

A build up of Silicone leads to “bad hair days”!

LOVE ANOUSTA Hair Conditioner really does condition the hair and scalp

This usually does the trick but for people with very dry or itchy scalps we suggest Organic Coconut oil.

Take a look at the book called  “The Coconut oil miracle” by Dr Bruce Fife. It is Brilliant!


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This is the same product but some people call it coconut oil and some call it  Coconut butter. It is only an oil when it has warmed up in hotter temperature, otherwise it reverts back to a ” butter”.

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I had wheezing and crackling chest since April 2016. Within days of oil pulling with coconut oil Linda Anousta instructed and showed me how to do, the wheezing and crackling has gone! Quite amazing!!

Lesley Coconut oil 16th November 2016

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