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Many of us know that Omega 3 is an important essential fatty acid needed for good health but not everyone knows it is so important for that all important healthy shiny hair!

We strongly advise people to take super Omega’s ( or flax seed oil rich in Omega 3) to help give beautiful shiny hair. It really works and  keeps you well at the same time! A win win situation!!

Whilst Omega 3 is vital for it’s anti-inflammatory action ( from Eczema and Asthma, Arthritis to Colitis) but is it also vital to give us more flexible, soft velvety skin and healthy shiny, soft hair.

It reduces hunger and cravings, helps kill infectious organisms, helps wounds to heal, increases IQ in children and gives us greater alertness from fatigue and better mood and concentration to name but a few wonderful benefits.

Professional advise on how much to take is always recommended but it is usually suggested we take a minimum of 2000mg (2 capsules) a day…….Linda Anousta takes 3000 mg a day.

Take Omega 3 capsules for a few months and see the difference for yourself.

When your internal levels of Omega 3 are ” topped up” and internal organs have taken all they need to function properly, you will then start to see great improvement in skin and hair.

With so many fish oils for sale in the shops, some people say they can buy cheaper fish oils. that is true. Now ask yourself whay are they cheaper. Companies who just sell on a product may not have a vested interest in the quality of the oil, it is all about a quick sale.

Companies that produce and test their fish oils are keen to be showing the hightest quality oil. That is oils that are throughly screened to a very high standard and checked to see thay do not have PCB’s, Dioxins and other pollutants in them.

There is little point in buying cheaper products and making your body sick as it tries to de toxify the rubbish out of you that was put in by you in the first place!

Premium quality oil is obtained from wild sardines, anchovies and mackerel.

Omega oil is vital to maintain a healthy heart, flexible joints and healthy skin. Because todays diet tends to be high in Omega 6 due to the amount of vegetable oils such as corn oil and Sunflower oil we have an imbalance of Omega 3 and 6 in our diets. Taking Omega 3 helps to re-establish the balance in our ” modern” diet.

Usual amounts taken are 1-2 capsules 3 x a day.


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